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The Akai Professional MPC Studio music production controller brings the total MPC experience to your computer by combining intuitive hardware control and innovative, inspiring software. Load a loop from the library, chop it into samples, lay down a beat, then play instruments over it to add more melodic textures. Add some insert effects to develop your song structure and arrangement, or to build drops and transitions. MPC Studio makes your workflow one continuous stream of non-stop creativity. With world-class plug-ins and effects included, MPC Studio provides an extended palette of sounds, instruments, drum samples, loops and more. Plus, Vocal Suite makes it easy to create, record and mix the perfect vocals and then add everything from pitch correction and harmonizing, to thickening your vocals and enhancing audio tracks.

Premium Pads For Perfect Production
Pad performance is the top priority for any beatmaker. Velocity-sensitive RGB pads mean maximum expression, whether you’re playing soft melodies or booming kick drums with colored visuals to keep track of your velocities and pad groupings. Switch from Note to Chord Mode quickly and build out your tracks right as inspiration strikes.

Assignable Touch Strip Control and Expression
Create your own signature sounds with the assignable touch strip. This fluid controller bends and shapes your sounds however you want. Make that pad synth pulse faster, control the roll of your hi-hats to fill your trap drumbeat or make that guitar part more realistic by articulating the strum right where you need it. Assign any of the numerous knobs, sliders and parameters to the touch strip for new and inventive manipulation of any track.

Color Screen for Vibrant Feedback
When you’re locked in the creative moment, the vibrant color screen ensures you can keep your hands on the MPC Studio and your focus on the music. Whether you need to trim a waveform, browse through a plugin library or adjust parameters on the fly, the screen gives you the visual feedback you need in a moment’s glance without having to stop your workflow and reach for your laptop. When it comes to your musical efficiency, every moment matters and every move needs to help you effectively capture your ideas to finish your songs faster.


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