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For the Mac-based home recording studio iDrum, distributed by M-Audio, provides a fully programmable software-based virtual drum machine. Just as easy to use as a hardware drum machine but with all the flexibility of a software-based virtual instrument, the application integrates seamlessly with GarageBand, Logic, Digital Performer, Pro Tools or any other applications that support AudioUnit or RTAS format plug-ins. It will also function as a standalone application.

iDrum features an array of sound-shaping DSP functions like filters, an amplitude envelope and even crunchy old-school drum machine bit-reduction. Any AIFF or WAV sound file up to 2MB in size can be loaded as a drum sample, while the software will also export patterns and songs as AIFF audio, MIDI and GarageBand-compatible AIFF files for further editing.

Also included are hundreds of pre-programmed patterns and rhythms.

Plug-in for GarageBand, Live 4, Logic, Digital Performer and other Audio Unit hosts or Pro Tools under RTAS. Also runs as a standalone applicationEasy to use drum machine interface

Mixer controls for each drum sound include:

  • Volume
  • PanMute
  • Solo
  • Sound audition
  • Sound selection
  • Transpose
  • Decay
  • High-pass filter
  • Low-pass filter
  • 2 "choke" groups for effects like open/closed hi-hat
  • Drum sounds can be triggered via MIDI notes
  • Easy drum pattern creation
  • Includes a large library of drum sounds and patterns

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