Blue Microphones is known for its high-end studio mics and, in recent years, iOS recording accessories. Not too long ago, I had a chance to check out Blue Mikey 2nd Generation which is a Lightning microphone compatible with a wide range of devices including iphone 5 and abover. 

Blue’s Mikey 2 is a stereo condenser microphone AND a line in recorder. 

As mentioned above, this is the lighting connection model available for those with other generation iOS devices such as iphone 5 and abover. It’s designed to capture better audio than an iOS device’s built-in microphone, and works great with most audio and video recording apps. Inside of the box you’ll find a small quick start guide, carrying pouch and the Mikey Digital.

If you are a podcaster and need a simple device to record your podcast to whether you use the iphone voice memo or garage band on your iphone, the Blue Mikey has an 1/8" audio in so you get the highest recording possible into your phone. People always confuse the headphone out for audio recording in to your iphone. You have to get an expensive cable that "might" work and then you have an annoying cable flopping around. With this Blue Mikey all you need is and 1/8" (3.5mm) cable end to whatever device you are recording from whether it be a mixing console or a dj mixer.

If you are a dj and want to easily record your set. Purchase this and an 1/8" to rca cable. From the dj mixer out record the audio to the iphone in high definition audio. Save it your voice memo or garage band. Then upload it to soundcloud or whatever. It's that easy.


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peter 11-08-2017 19:47
this is a great product. Highly recommend it.
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