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Do you own Dre Beats Solo or Studio? Do you own a PS4? Have you noticed the Beats mic cable does not work with your PS4 controller. Look no further. Here is the cable you will need to connect your Dre Beats Studio wireless headphones to your PS4 controller and have a mic that works and the audio sound clarity of the Beats.

They also work with iPhones, Androids and Skullcandy Hesh headphones.


  • Microphone Works With iPhone, Samsung, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and
  • BlackBerry Phone. (Not working on PC or Laptop)
  • Mini 3.5mm 3-din connector male to 3.5mm male
  • Perfect as a spare or replacement for damage or lose of your original cable
  • Product Dimensions: 66.93 inches (1.7 m)
  • Package Contents: Headphone Cable * 1

Compatible Headphones

  • Skullcandy Hesh, Hesh 2, Hesh 3, Crusher, Crusher Bluetooth Wireless, Grind, Grind Bluetooth Wireless, Aviator, Cassette, Mix Master
  • Koss ProDj200, Pro4S, BT539iK, BT540i, SP330
  • SOUL by Ludacris SL100, SL150, SL300WB
  • SMS Audio STREET by 50 Cent, Star Wars, Star Wars 2nd Edition, Wired DJ, SMS-ONWD-SPRT
  • BOHM B-66, B76
  • ATH ANC9, ANC20, ANC25, ANC27, ANC27x, ANC29, AR3is, MSR7BK, MSR7GM, MSR7NC, OX7AMP, SR5BK, SR6BT, S700BT, WS99BT, WS1100, WS1100iS
  • JVC HA-NC250, HA-NC260, HA-SBT200X
  • Panasonic RP-HC500, RP-HC700, RP-HC800, RP-DH1250
  • Denon AH-NC732, AH-GC20, AH-MM200, AH-MM300, AH-MM400
  • Pioneer SE-MJ591, SE-MJ732, SEC-MJ101BT
  • Monster EA SPORTS MVP Carbon, Adidas Originals, Octagon, Diesel VEKTR, NPulse, NTune, 24K, DNA, DNA Pro, DNA Pro 2.0, Diamond, DiamondZ, Inspiration Active, ROC Sport, DJ, NCredible NTune, Clarity HD, Clarity HD 100
  • Beats Solo, solo 2, solo 3, Solo HD, Studio, Studio 2, Studio 3, mixr, pro, Executive
  • COWIN E7, E7 PRO, E8
  • Jabra REVO Wireless, MOVE Wireless, REVO Corded, VEGA
  • BANG & OLUFSEN H2, H4, H6, H7, H8, H8i, H9, H9i
  • Bowers & Wilkins P3, P5, P7
  • WeSC Chambers, Bass, Piston, Cymbal, RZA Street, M30 And many other 3.5mm plug headphones

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